Specialist Vehicle Sweeps

Specialist Vehicle Sweeps | Hire Cars, Limousines, Yachts, Jets

Electronic bugs, listening devices, hidden cameras, infra-red beams, burst/packet bugs, spread spectrum and other similar eavesdropping devices are widely obtainable and in many cases, easily installed. It is very easy to install devices into motor vehicles, corporate hire cars, limousines, yachts or private jets such as GPS trackers or wired listening devices as they are available online on websites such as eBay.

They come with instructions on how to install them and once installed they can cost you your business and your privacy. The problem lies in their detection, which is very hard as the devices are very low power. Our equipment can detect these devices with ease. Hidden cameras and USB listening device with GPS functions are becoming commonplace and can be purchased very cheaply online. These are highly illegal to use without the other person’s knowledge.

Our experts are trained and have experience in all types of sweeps, especially vehicles, boats and private jets. Our equipment surpasses other company’s equipment by scan range and speed, where other companies have a maximum of between 21-24 GHz, our range is up to 43 GHz with a speed of less than half a second on a low bandwidth or up to 3 seconds on a maximum bandwidth. We are able to conduct a basic or an advanced search (where we would use a hoist) of vehicles.