Our Best In Class Process

We have developed the THE Most Comprehensive and Technologically Advanced Private Investigation Process. Due to our longstanding history and hard earned reputation in the industry, we have developed strategic proprietary processes and alliances of the highest calibre.

This broadens our capability to conduct investigations on a global scale. Recently completed assignments have seen us carry out investigations, across Australia, in the United States, Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Thailand, South Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, and France. Dependant on your specific case you may require some of the more specialised services we offer our Corporate Clientele.


  • Phase 1 – Secure Location Interviews
  • Phase 2 – Situational Mapping and Detailed Agent Debrief
  • Phase 3 – Investigation Commencement
  • Phase 4 – Situational Adaptation
  • Phase 5 – Evidence Timeline Compilation
  • Phase 6 – Comprehensive Investigation Report and Client Recommendations
  • Phase 7 – Expert Witness Testimony


Our qualified staff are regularly called upon to provide expert witness evidence in cases that involve digital forensic data extraction and investigation. We work closely with law firms and legal counsel and prepare all the required documentation, evidence and more.




What is the threat to you for the above investigation categories?  What are the possible costs of not acting?

Background Investigations (Business, Personal, Employee).

  • You may have had someone new enter into your life or a family member’s and want to know they are trustworthy and they are representing themselves honestly.
  • You may be about to conduct business with someone and wish to confirm they are representing themselves accurately.

Infidelity / Cheating Spouse Investigation. & Family Law Matters (Child Custody).

  • You may be going through a messy divorce or be in a violent household/relationship and there is a concern for the welfare of children; or you need evidence to prove a spouse is cheating

Alcohol, Drug, and Gambling Addictions

  • The cost of Alcohol Abuse in Australia amounts to $36 Billion Dollars a year. (AERF)
  • The cost of Drug Addiction in Australia amounts to $8.2 Billion Dollars a year. (Collins and Lapsley)
  • The social cost to the community of problem gambling is estimated to be at least $4.7 billion a year in Australia. (NSW Gov’t Gambling Help)

Missing People

  • You are looking for a long lost family member or someone who has not come home in a long time and are concerned for their well-being.

Skip Tracing.

  • A debtor owes a large amount of money to you or your organisation and you are attempting to locate them to serve legal documents.
  • Being complacent in the examples above could be detrimental to the company and its bottom line and could in turn damage the reputation of the executives and the branding of the company.