Private and Residential TSCM Bug Sweeps

Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane

At NSI, our Private and Residential TSCM Bug Sweep teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth understand that the threat of illegal listening devices; wire-taps; hidden cameras and so on; are not just reserved for corporate and government departments.

Homes and apartments are targeted just as much, especially if you are an executive of a company. We can provide affordable packages for residences so that you can secure your assets and provide a safe environment for you and your family. Our research has indicated that corporate types are also targeted in their homes as well as family law matters when spouses illegally bug their homes or their partners’ homes.

It could take one person sitting in a car pointing a beam onto a window of your home and listening to a conversation occurring inside.

Listening devices can be bought on the internet very easily and can be installed without knowledge of how the equipment works.

They can be installed in so many things around your home such as alarm clocks, lamps, behind light switches, in the kitchen or behind a picture or painting.

Our sweeps are conducted using the latest high tech detection equipment available on the market. Our equipment is of military specification and needs department of defence clearances due to components and features of the equipment.