Government TSCM Sweeps and Espionage Consulting

Canberra and Australia Wide

NSI specialises in conducting Government TSCM Sweeps and Espionage Consulting which includes technical surveillance countermeasures sweeps, counter espionage and counter surveillance consulting for all types of government departments including parliamentary offices, members of parliament and local councils.

Government’s nowadays need to safeguard against economic and state sponsored espionage. Industries and companies around the world utilise espionage and intelligence gathering techniques to further their interests and gain the upper hand when negotiating contracts and so on. Government sweeps are conducted using either a high threat, extreme threat or defence grade sweeps.

When conducting sweeps for any sector, especially governmental sweeps, discretion and confidentiality is taken seriously. We can specially design a TSCM sweep for governmental clients which includes an evaluation of the premises that is not disruptive to the workplace. We design it so that we do not draw attention to our team or any threats. NSI also offers protection for members of parliament for special meetings and a monitoring service specifically designed for the detection of devices that occur in real time whilst, for example, an important conference or council meeting is taking place.

Due to the sensitivity of conducting this level of sweep for our government clients, certain requirements can be discussed once all relevant checks and balances have been completed.