NSI Strategic Global Intelligence®

NSI STRATEGIC GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE® – Travel Advisory | Intelligence Briefings

NSI’s STRATEGIC GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE® Division offers a unique ability for protection, prevention and risk management. Anticipating crises is what our team does best. We provide our clients with the most sophisticated and comprehensive global intelligence and executive support services. Our intelligence reports will assist you in taking proactive safety measures, making informed decisions, and most importantly help you ensure the security and safety of your most valuable assets.

Our global intelligence and executive support services include:
  • Geopolitical Risk Advisory and Forecasting
  • Country Specific Intelligence Briefings
  • Regional Intelligence Packages
  • Tactical Intelligence Alerts
  • Dynamic Mapping
  • Travel and Itinerary based monitoring reports
  • Daily strategic alerts for regions around the world
  • Full Evacuation Support
  • On-call 24/7 Global Command Centre
  • Executive/Personal Protection

The following provides more detail on several specific reports: