CP500i Cryptophone Encrypted Communications

Authorised Australian Reseller

Over the past two decades, telecommunications interception has developed into a major industry. Intelligence agencies and private organisations in all countries routinely intercept calls that may yield sensitive political, military and economic information. The use of wiretapping has become so widespread, simple and uncontrolled that you must assume that records of your private calls and SMS end of in the wrong hands.

Equipment for wireless interception of mobile phone calls and messages has become available at such low prices that it is deployed frequently, even in comparatively small business conflicts. So using encryption to protect your privacy is a wise choice. If you conduct business that is of high sensitivity; in conflict zones or a high security area, using secure communications such as an Encrypted phone is a must.

By combining GSMK’s renowned end-to-end voice and message encryption with a highly sophisticated approach towards mobile device protection, the Cryptophone 500i offers a defence-grade mobile phone security solution with true 360° mobile device security.

National Surveillance and Intelligence is Australia’s Cryptophone reseller. Cryptophone offers voice and messaging encryption like no other. The latest Cryptophone mobile phone – the CP500i, offers Unique protection against over-the-air attacks with constant monitoring of baseband processor activity. This system can quickly and easily advise you of any interception from rogue base stations/cell towers.

A fake base station or cell tower is used to get mobile phones that are within range to register to it without any security protocols. This is a major threat in that conversations may be read and listened to. Contact us today to enquire about the Cryptophone suite of communications devices which include mobile phones, desk phones, servers, and satellite phones.