Corporate TSCM Sweeps and Office Debugging

Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Australia and Worldwide

Our corporate TSCM sweeps and office debugging are dependant on the threat level and the environment, there are a number of different methods and equipment that are required to detect certain listening devices in corporate offices. As this is a highly technical field, all our operatives are experienced and have the knowledge on the types of devices and how they are installed. We would begin by conducting a site survey to identify and locate illegal listening devices and apply risk assessment procedures.

Our bug sweep service uses the most advanced equipment available on the market which is of military specification and needs department of defence clearances.

We also conduct an external radio frequency spectrum analysis so that we perform a comparative analysis in each area we carry out the sweep. Our TSCM inspectors, using advanced equipment and methods, can help locate all types of devices, such as digital burst and packet devices, Bluetooth and WiFi eavesdropping devices which are one of the most difficult devices to detect.

We analyse, detect and locate all types of transmitting devices including electromagnetic radiating devices, video, or data signals, including free to air transmissions and devices that utilise AC/DC power as a transmission source.

NSI also offers protection for high net worth individuals for special meetings and a monitoring service specifically for the detection of devices that occur in real time whilst, for example, an important meeting is taking place. Corporate, Industrial and Political Espionage is on the rise. Protect your assets and business secrets sooner rather than later. For ongoing security, enquire about our corporate plans.