Counter Espionage Security Risk Assessment Australia

At National Surveillance and Intelligence our Computer Forensic and Hard Drive Data Recovery examiners are able to recover lost or deleted data from computer hard drives which we then piece together and use a very advanced forensic search technology which allows critical evidence to be displayed in an easy format for our clients. Our IT professionals are able to investigate improper usages of email, intellectual property theft, and perform internal reviews of employee usage on a computer.
Our Computer Forensic Service includes:

  • Recover data from a logical failure of the hard drive which may be due to virus damage or deleted sectors of the drive
  • Recovery of data from physical failure which occurs when you begin to hear clicking noises
  • View Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in a format that is easily searched. Used for e-Discovery and investigations into claims of fraud, improper use of assets, data theft, compliance, human resource violations or criminal activity.
  • Ability to see the relationship between emails, files, downloads.
    Used in conjunction with our Mobile Phone Forensic Analyser by Cellebrite to see the connection between SMSs, call records.
  • Integration of data from mobile phones with email and other documents to provide a full picture of evidence.
  • Thorough report process that is court admissible.
  • Methods used by law enforcement and governments worldwide.

We can present the evidence in a court admissible report. Some common examples for when a forensic search on a computer would be helpful is when data has been deleted from a work computer and it is needed for a pending court case (deleted data and emails may be retrieved); or if there are divorce proceedings in place and the client suspects their partner is using the computer dishonestly.