Business and Corporate Investigations

Sydney, Canberra, and International

Our Best In Class Process

We have developed the THE Most Comprehensive and Technologically Advanced Private Investigation Process. Due to our longstanding history and hard earned reputation in the industry, we have developed strategic proprietary processes and alliances of the highest calibre.

This broadens our capability to conduct investigations on a global scale. Recently completed assignments have seen us carry out investigations, across Australia, in the United States, Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Thailand, South Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, and France.

  • Phase 1 – Secure Location Interviews
  • Phase 2 – Situational Mapping and Detailed Agent Debrief
  • Phase 3 – Investigation Commencement
  • Phase 4 – Situational Adaptation
  • Phase 5 – Evidence Timeline Compilation
  • Phase 6 – Comprehensive Investigation Report and Client Recommendations
  • Phase 7 – Expert Witness Testimony

We start by working with you to collect all the information we require to conduct the investigation.

Unlike others, we do not meet in cafes or side streets, but in our secure office location which is under 24hr surveillance and has been fortified against bugging technology and long range laser microphones.

If you are unable to attend our office we can also go through this step via phone or email, whichever way you feel most comfortable. We then tailor a bespoke package specific to your situation and requirements.

What is the threat to you for the above investigation categories?
What are the possible costs of not acting?