Security Risk Consulting

FACT: NSI offer the most comprehensive security advisory service for your entire organisation covering the physical structure, staff, processes, capital equipment, intellectual property, external diligence, executive protection, and Itinerary Oversight.
Identifying and examining threats and risks to clients and their businesses assists in the planning and mitigation of those risks. Our licensed security consultants help our clients understand and mitigate their security risks by using leading risk methodologies. We work with security directors, executive level staff and senior managers and others to establish a risk management plan. This service is available to all our clients including high net-worth individuals, corporations, governments and small to medium businesses. One of our specialty areas, our strategic intelligence division, gives our clients operational security risk assessments based on their movements throughout the world.



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    NSI Strategic Global Intelligence®

    NSI Strategic Global Intelligence® division offers a unique ability for protection, prevention and risk management. Anticipating crises is what our team does best. We provide our clients with the most sophisticated and comprehensive Global Intelligence and Executive Support Services.

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    Technical Security Consulting and Project Management

    NSI’s technical security division has specialist consultants that provide expert advice for the corporate and government sectors for all facets of technical security such as cyber security, penetration testing, counter espionage, and security awareness.

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    Counter Espionage Security Risk Assessment

    National Surveillance and Intelligence are able to create, implement and conduct industry grade security and counter espionage risk reviews and assessments.