What is mobile phone digital forensic data recovery?


Digital forensics (or digital forensic science) is a branch of forensic science that encompasses the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices. Digital forensics investigations have a variety of applications. The most common are to support or refute a hypothesis before criminal or civil courts. Digital Forensics are also used in the private sector, such as during internal corporate investigations or intrusion investigation (a specialist probe into the nature and extent of an unauthorized network intrusion).


We have professional data extraction services for all types of mobile phones, SIM cards, memory cards, USB and hard disk drives, and GPS navigation units. Our specialists can analyse current and deleted data ranging from deleted phonebook entries, call history, text messages, images and video, GPS locations and so much more for the private sector, high net worth clients, corporate clientele and government and law enforcement agencies throughout Australia and worldwide. Our mobile phone data recovery services are discreet and credible.



What is the threat of being complacent in this area?


Your lost data can represent thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars invested. The old complacent attitudes of “It won’t happen to us” or “I’ll backup my data tomorrow” is no protection when facing Litigation or Bankruptcy. Neglect often equals negligence, and that alone can be so damaging you may never recover.


No business wants to start over from scratch when data loss or accidental deletion occurs. Data loss and downtime cost enterprises $2 trillion in 2014. Some facts:

  • Companies on average lost 400% more data over the last two years (equivalent to 24 million emails each) compared to the previous two.
  • 71% of IT professionals are not fully confident in their ability to recover information following an incident.
  • 51% of organizations lack a disaster recovery plan for emerging workloads; 6% have plans for big data, hybrid cloud and mobile.
  • Only 2% of organizations are data protection “Leaders”; 11% “Adopters”; 87% are behind the curve.
  • 64% of enterprises surveyed experienced data loss or downtime in the last 12 hours.
  • The average business experienced more than three working days (25 hours) of unexpected downtime in the last 12 months.
  • Other commercial consequences of disruptions were a loss of revenue (36%) and delays to product development (34%)
  • Companies with three or more vendors lost three times as much data as those with a single-vendor strategy.
  • Data loss is up by 400% since 2012 while, surprisingly, 71% of organisations are still not fully confident in their ability to recover after a disruption.
  • The volume of data lost during an incident is growing exponentially.


What is the unique NSI methodology for digital forensic deleted data recovery? 


Our Forensic Data Recovery is provided through the use of Defence Grade Proprietary Hardware that extracts the data FROM your device by NEVER installing software or overwriting your precious data! Commonly available data recovery software does more harm than good, often overwriting the very data you are trying to retrieve!


Being the leading Forensic Data Recovery Company in Australia, our team of professionals are also able to detect phone bugs and perform checks on mobile phones to find evidence of mobile phone tracking, spyware and malware. These would allow a third party to listen to your phone calls, track your movements, read your messages, send messages from you without your knowledge, access your passwords, and so on. Our forensic data recovery experts recover data from all kinds of devices, ranging from recovery of deleted Samsung data, and all Android data recovery in Sydney, including iPhone data recovery in Sydney, Melbourne, and Australia wide.


Equipment used by NSI is the same as used by Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies throughout the world. NSI regularly provides its Specialist Digital Forensic Services to the Australian Law Enforcement when needing Deleted Data Recovery.


NSI has been contracted by The Federal Government, Multinational Corporations, Leading Law firms, and some of the world’s High Net Worth Individuals.


If you have been the victim of data theft, sabotage, or accidental deletion – call us immediately!   Our experienced forensic examiners will arrange a private meeting and determine the best course of action to take to retrieve your intellectual property, financial data, and trade secrets.


Hire the best of Sydney Data Recovery companies. If we can’t extract your data, no one can!