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National Surveillance and Intelligence specialise in the field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) using the most advanced knowledge and up to date equipment available on the market to protect our clients.

TSCM; also known as electronic bug detection, bug sweeping or surveillance counter measures; is the method of electronically and physically inspecting offices, buildings, homes, vehicles, telephone systems, network systems and cabling for the existence of eavesdropping devices and to identify weaknesses in security that could potentially be used to install illegal devices.

Our equipment is second to none, using the most technologically advanced hardware and software available globally and methods perfected through years of experience within counter surveillance bug and camera detection. Equipment used by our TSCM Bug Sweep team is used by Intelligence agencies, Defence departments and government's worldwide, espeically Australia (DFAT, DoD, DSD). Click below for a detailed explanation of our sweeps:

Corporate Sweeps | Government Sweeps | Private Sweeps

state of the art equipment

We use state of the art TSCM equipment to detect the presence of active and passive bugging devices, hidden camera setups, keystroke logging devices, telephone interception and wire taps, laser and infrared beams and more. We are always reviewing new technologies and upgrading our equipment to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible service.


Depending on the threat level (Low, Mid, High, Extreme or Defence Grade) we will determine where to cap our frequency range, which currently scans from 9 khz to 43 Ghz in real time, more than any other device or equipment on the market. As a comparison, devices used by other companies in Australia will generally scan up to 12 Ghz and only some companies will have a 24 Ghz capability.

After tailoring a package suitable to your needs, your TSCM Survey / Bug Sweep includes a full technical threat assessment; a radio frequency spectrum analysis; a telephone and network analysis; a VoIP system analysis; an electronic inspection for covert video setups; a carrier current analysis of AC outlets and cabling throughout the premises; a physical search for hidden transmitters, microphones, and CCTV and unlike our competitors, we also provide detailed risk analysis and assessments, offer advice and take logical steps to secure your interests and offer services such as Live TSCM monitoring. To certify ongoing security, most corporate clients arrange regular inspections, usually every 3 to 6 months, or during times of particularly sensitive business activity; and our private clientele schedule inspections every 6 months when needed.


After preliminary contact NSI will perform a risk assessment via a covert site visit or telephone conference, including a review of floor plans for larger offices. We then produce a detailed written proposal outlining your requirements, our service and pricing. We also cater for extremely urgent bug sweeps if needed. If commissioned, we manage all arrangements, cover stories and measures for allowing the operation to begin with the least amount of interruption and input to the client.

Corporate Bug Sweeps and Office Debugging Australia

Depending on the threat level and the environment, there are a number of different methods and equipment that are required to detect certain listening devices in corporate offices. As this is a highly technical field, all our operatives are experienced and have the knowledge on the types of devices and how they are installed.

We would begin by conducting a site survey to identify and locate illegal listening devices and apply risk assessment procedures. Our bug sweep service uses the most advanced equipment available on the market which is of military specification and needs department of defence clearances.

We also conduct an external radio frequency spectrum analysis so that we perform a comparative analysis in each area we carry out the sweep. Our equipment can help locate all types of devices, such as digital burst and packet devices, Bluetooth and WiFi eavesdropping devices which are one of the most difficult devices to detect. We analyse, detect and locate all types of transmitting devices including electro-magnetic radiating devices, video, or data signals, including free to air transmissions and devices that utilise AC/DC power as a transmission source.

NSI also offers protection for high net worth individuals for special meetings and a monitoring service specifically for the detection of devices that occur in real time whilst, for example, an important meeting is taking place.

Corporate, Industrial and Political Espionage is on the rise. Protect your assets and business secrets sooner rather than later.

Government TSCM Sweeps

NSI specialises in conducting bug sweeps for all types of government departments including council chambers. Our level of sweep is second to none using military specification equipment that needs department of defence clearances. Government's nowadays need to safeguard against economic espionage.

Government sweeps are conducted using either a high threat, extreme threat or defence grade sweeps. We would begin by conducting a site survey to identify and locate illegal listening devices and apply risk management procedures in accordance with Australian Standards AS 4360.

When conducting sweeps for any sector, especially governmental sweeps, discretion and confidentiality is taken seriously. We can specially design a TSCM sweep for government clients which include an evaluation of the premises that is not disruptive to the workplace. We design it so that we do not draw attention to our team or any threats.

NSI also offers protection for members of parliament for special meetings and a monitoring service specifically designed for the detection of devices that occur in real time whilst, for example, an important conference or council meeting is taking place.

Private and Residential Bug Sweeps

At NSI we understand that the threat of illegal listening devices; wiretaps; hidden cameras and so on; are not just reserved for corporate and government departments. Homes and apartments are targeted just as much, especially if you are an executive of a company. We can provide affordable packages for residences so that you can secure your assets and provide a safe environment for you and your family. Our research has indicated that corporate types are also targeted in their homes as well as family law matters when spouses illegally bug their homes or their partners' homes. It could take one person sitting in a car pointing a beam onto a window of your home and listening to a conversation occurring inside.

Listening devices can be bought on the internet very easily and can be installed without knowledge of how the equipment works. They can be installed in so many things around your home such as alarm clocks, lamps, behind light switches, in the kitchen or behind a picture or painting. Our sweeps are conducted using the latest high tech detection equipment available on the market. Our equipment is of military specification and needs department of defence clearances due to components and features of the equipment.

Eavesdropping Device Detection Sydney | Australia Wide

are you bugged?

Electronic bugs, listening devices, hidden cameras, Bluetooth bugs, infra-red beams, burst/packet bugs, spread spectrum and other similar eavesdropping devices are widely obtainable over the internet and in many cases, easily installed. Our technical and physical inspections are complex and precise, providing a high-level service to governments, corporations, executives and individuals alike, using advanced counter surveillance equipment, procedures and policies to secure your privacy.

The protection of delicate information is a job for an expert and should not be taken lightly. The threat is rising rapidly as the complexity of covert equipment and techniques means that the need for security protection and understanding is now escalating. Business secrets can be stolen by competitors and offices are the likely target. NSI can secure valuable intellectual property, financial data, trade secrets and more by detecting active and passive threats internally, externally, on and off site. Homes can also be the target of listening devices that can be used by criminals for extortion and theft. Other target areas include vehicle's that can be tracked by GPS trackers and hotel rooms where private meetings may be held.

NSI provides guidance and assistance on security processes that can be undertaken to decrease the probability of you or your company becoming the objective of political, corporate or industrial spying. We have packages to suit your budget and for corporate clientele we have great rates for TSCM surveys and ongoing TSCM sweeps. NSI can also perform technical assessments and provide advice to improve security within your workplace or home, and provide a unique TSCM monitoring service.

do you feel you or your business are targets?

What should you do if you believe there is an eavesdropping device at your workplace or premises?

Call us from a safe location, i.e. phone box or mobile phone away from the potential threat. Try to avoid significant discussions in the surrounding area until we are able to confirm the room or phone line is safe. Our experienced operatives will arrange a private meeting and examine how we will be able to aid you with your risk.

Successful detection programs can help find and prevent acts of spying, intimidation, blackmail, hostage taking and an assortment of other serious crimes. We can also provide anti surveillance guidance and support to identify covert attempts to observe corporate, executive or family activities.

Our electronic bug detection services include
  • corporate bug sweeps
  • phone line and system sweeps
  • residential sweeps
  • automotive sweeps
  • computer and IT security
  • TSCM monitoring
  • risk management and analysis

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